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In Case You MIST It, Why OLIKA Misting Sanitizer is Better than Gel

by Erin Fabio on Mar 05, 2021

Sanitizing shouldn’t feel like a chore, but if you’re like us, you dread digging for your goopy, gunky gel hand sanitizer. OLIKA Hydrating Spray Hand Sanitizers are a breeze to use and hold 15x more uses than a gel hand sanitizer of a similar size. Here’s our reasons why spritzing OLIKA makes for superior sanitizing:

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Less Product Waste

Spray hand sanitizers offer more control and let you decide exactly how much you’re applying. Gel hand sanitizer bottles are less precise and hard to gauge, which means you’re left wiping excess gel all over your new jeans. OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer delivers 15x MORE USES than traditional gels of a similar size. 

Less Plastic Waste

Gel hand sanitizers are rarely re-fillable, meaning your bottles are one-and-done. Clean hands are great, but not if you’re dirtying up our environment! OLIKA hydrating hand sanitizers are refillable so you can ditch the single use plastics and keep on misting. 

Less Germs, More Hydration

Did you know dry skin is more susceptible to germs? Cracked hands allow germs and bacteria to move in. What good is a sanitizer if it’s filled with moisture stripping ingredients? OLIKA hand sanitizers are formulated with aloe + glycerin, stripping your hands of germs instead of hydration and moisture. 

Ready to make the switch? Try our Scent Sampler to find your favorite OLIKA mist: 

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