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Reducing Your Plastic Possessions

by Erin Fabio on May 11, 2022

We can all do our part in living more sustainably. Being sustainable doesn’t have to look perfect, or the exact same, for every lifestyle. We’re focused on making small improvements that are, well, sustainable for a lifetime. Here’s our list of tips to use less plastic:

1.Start with your daily hygiene products. Think about the items you reach for in your regular routine: shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, hand sanitizer. When it’s time to repurchase these, look for packaging options that offer less single-use plastic waste. For us, this means shampoo and face wash bars, toothpaste tablets, and refillable hand sanitizer. 

Did you catch that? We said repurchase. When the sustainability bug bites, it’s tempting to immediately replace all of your existing products with sustainable alternatives. Instead, use up your single-use stockpile, responsibly recycle, and reuse containers that could still have a second life. 

2.Look under your cabinets. You’d be surprised how dirty the world of    cleaning can be! Swap paper towels for dish cloths and opt for cleaning concentrates instead of products packaged in single-use spray bottles. 

As sustainability stays top of mind for many consumers, “mainstream” brands are expanding their range of eco-friendly products. Thankfully, this means you may not have to switch your family’s favorite laundry detergent in the name of sustainability. Keep an eye out for options with reduced plastic, even for your tried-and-true products! 

3. Always come prepared. When we’re on the go, convenience often takes precedence over sustainability. It’s near impossible for fast food restaurants to eliminate all single-use plastic. In fact, the restaurant business generates approximately  78% of disposable packaging.

Take matters into your own hands and keep your glove compartment stocked with reusable cutlery and drinking straws to help reduce waste when you’re in the drive thru. 

What ways are you curbing your plastic waste? Share your own sustainability tips with us over on our Instagram, @olikalife.

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