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Take 5: 5 Clean Beauty Products to Try Now

by Erin Fabio on Feb 19, 2021

You’re mindful about what you put into your body, but what about what you put on it? Inspecting ingredient labels shouldn’t end with your favorite cereal brand. Harmful ingredients linked to hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation could be hidden in the products you apply each and every day. Here are five clean beauty products you should be using, right now! 

Aluminum Free Deodorant

It’s no secret that natural deodorants are all the rave right now. Thankfully, this means that an aluminum free alternative likely already exists for your favorite scent. The jury is still out on linking antiperspirant ingredients directly to conditions such as alzheimers and breast cancer, but there’s no harm in switching to a more natural alternative. Finding it hard (or smelly) to make the switch? Try an underarm detox to rid your pits of built up product. 

OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

OLIKA prides ourselves in ingredient transparency, so you can be confident our clean formula is as safe as it is effective. Our scents are derived from essential oil blends and our blends meet all CDC guidelines for fending off unwanted germs and bacteria. Plus, these refillable spritzers are as great for your hands as they are for the planet. 

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Healthy Toothpaste

You might be using the same brand of toothpaste you grew up brushing with. It’s time to get out of your toothpaste rut. Most big-brand toothpastes contain parabens, detergents, and sulfates, which act as preservatives and foaming agents. While these are not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to be mindful about these ingredients, especially when they’re going straight in your mouth!

Natural Mascara

Petroleum, parabens, coal, oh my! Your mascara might be hiding a few icky ingredients. Give your lashes some love, luv. Natural, non-toxic mascaras are gentle and conditioning on your lashes. These 9 natural & organic mascaras are totally worth obsessing over. Ingredients aside, it’s also important to remember to swap your mascara out every 3 months to avoid bacteria moving in. 

woman applying sunscreen


Chemical sunscreens, with active ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate work by absorbing UVA and UVB rays into the skin. These ingredients are also endocrine disruptors, toxic to coral reefs, and also some of the most powerful agitators in the beauty industry. Switch to an all-physical alternative containing zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or both. This is one of our favorites, formulated to blend perfectly with all shades of skin without a chalky white finish!

Ahead of the curve on some of these clean beauty swaps? Investigate the ingredients in your holy-grail products using a tool like EWG’s Healthy Living app. Your beauty is brightest when it’s clean beauty, luv!




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