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Things All Moms Need: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Erin Fabio on May 03, 2022

It’s no secret that mom can be one of the hardest people to shop for. What do you get a mom that already has it all? Here’s our list of mother’s day gifts to get your gears turning: 

For Her Handbag
OLIKA  Hydrating Hand Sanitizer makes the perfect gift for a mom who’s handbag always has it all. Elevate her sanitizing experience with this luxe hydrating blend of hyaluronic acid & aloe. 

For Her Nightstand
A  bedside carafe is a great gift for someone hard to shop for. It’s a lifesaver for those late-night hydration cravings, but unique enough that she may not already have one. 

For Her Office
If your mom is balancing a lot, she may appreciate a new planner. A  personalized planner makes for a unique gift for mom. Add in aspects of her daily schedule, columns for members of the family, and other custom features that make sense for her. 

For Her Memories
For the heartfelt mom, put together a picture book of your favorite memories and reminisce on your favorite days together. It’s easy to get caught up in the material world of gifting, but sometimes the simplest gifts are best. 

What are you treating your mom with for Mother’s Day 2022?

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