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Kind Sanitizer for Curious Kids: No Ickies Ever, Why Ingredients Matter

by Erin Fabio on Mar 12, 2021

Reading product labels and scrutinizing ingredients has always been important in our book, especially when it comes to products for our little ones. Are your household products, candles, detergents, and hand sanitizer natural? With new brands of hand sanitizer popping up around every corner these days, make sure you’re arming your kids with sani that is both safe and effective. OLIKA has spent years perfecting our formula with effective, well-researched ingredients proven to be safe enough for kids hand sanitizer

Child holding mint citrus OLIKA spray hand sanitizer

OLIKA is focused on transparency, so you’ll never be left guessing what’s in our formulas and why certain ingredients are included in our mix. The CDC recommends staying away from sanis fueled by methanol, and urges consumers to stick with ethyl based hand sanitizers. Our formula consists of 65% ethyl alcohol and is powered by essential oils like Linalool and Limonene. Plus, our formula is hydrating since we’ve blended our hand sanitizer with aloe

With our latest addition of Bitrex, OLIKA formulas are guaranteed to not taste as good as they smell. Bitrex is a bitter agent that makes sure our formulas (and your kiddo’s hands) stay out of their mouths. Think of Bitrex as that icky nail polish your mom slathered on you to kick your biting habit to the curb. Read more about this recent addition here

Still curious about our hand sanitizer spray? Check out our recent blog posts on Why Homemade Hand Sanitizer Isn’t Safe and Hand Washing Vs Sanitizing: When and Where? OLIKA makes sure you and your little ones are staying safe and sanitized in style. 




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