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The Psychology of Color

by Erin Fabio on May 18, 2022

Color can impact your mood, productivity, thoughts, and reactions. How do you feel walking into a room with blue walls? What about one with red? The psychology of color is a fascinating world just waiting to be unlocked. 

The colors you gravitate towards can speak volumes about your personality and preferences. What do these colors say about you?

The color red is associated with strength, passion, desire, and love. Did you know that the color red actually enhances human metabolism and raises blood pressure? Now that’s red hot. 

Green symbolizes nature, growth, harmony, and freshness. This color has been proven to produce a calming effect, which is why we chose a gentle green for our Cucumber Basil Refillable Hand Sanitizers

The color yellow is an attention grabber. Think: New York City taxis! This color is most associated with happiness, intellect, and energy. 

In contrast to its sister red, blue is calming, compassionate, and peaceful. The blue OLIKA smells of Mint Citrus, a true burst of peace throughout your busy day. 

Orange is bright, persuasive, and happy. Most people associate orange with joy and sunshine. This color also enhances extraversion, so with a spritz of Orange Blossom OLIKA you may just find yourself going a little out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself more freely! 

The color pink is gentle, hopeful, and optimistic. We recently added Pink Grapefruit to our family of hydrating hand sanitizers, giving you a burst of optimism in the form of our new oh-so-sweet scent. 

Created by mixing blue and red, purple combines stability and energy to convey wisdom, creativity, independence, and magic. If you find yourself reaching for our Lavender OLIKA hand sanitizer, you might be all of the above. 

For OLIKA, color psychology means our brightly colored hydrating hand sanitizers can brighten up your day in more ways than one! A boost of sanitizer from our little birds can help you turn from Ewww to Oooo in those sticky situations. 

Which OLIKA color do you notice yourself gravitating towards? Could it be the colors or the relaxing scents that draw your eye? Learn more about our Fragrance experience in some of our latest blog posts.

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