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OLIKA Pink Grapefruit Hand Sanitizer Imager, 5 Summer Travel Destinations to Take OLIKA
5 Places to Bring OLIKA for Summer Travel
From sandy hands to sticky fingers at the carnival, never get stuck saying ‘eww’ especially while you’re at...
Erin Fabio
OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer, The Psychology of Color Blog
The Psychology of Color
Color can impact your mood, productivity, thoughts, and reactions. How do you feel walking into a room with...
Erin Fabio
OLIKA Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer Clip-on Image
Reducing Your Plastic Possessions
We can all do our part in living more sustainably. Being sustainable doesn’t have to look perfect, or...
Erin Fabio
OLIKA Orange Blossom Hand Sanitizer Image
Things All Moms Need: Mother’s Day Gift Guide
It’s no secret that mom can be one of the hardest people to shop for. What do you...
Erin Fabio
Lavender OLIKA Clip On Hand Sanitizer
Making Sense of Scents: Essential Oils vs. Synthetic
Due to the nature of the industry, the world of fragrances can be filled with secret formulas and...
Erin Fabio