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Summer Sani Tips

by Local Grit LLC Collaborator on Jun 07, 2021

With a new season comes new sani tips! Make sure you’re staying safe and sanitized by following these quick and easy hand sanitizer precautions:

Proper Storage

Don’t forget that the alcohol found in hand sanitizer is flammable, so err on the side of caution and avoid storing your sani in a hot car on a summer day! The best hand sanitizer storage situation is less than 105°F, so most of the time it's fine to store in your car, but during summer months or in warmer regions, it should come inside when you do. PLUS, alcohol evaporates at high temperatures and will make your hand sanitizer less effective. 

Summer Snacking

It’s best to sanitize before any poolside snacking, but make sure you’re spritizing a kid-friendly hand sanitizer made with Bitrex to deter any curious mouths! Read more about OLIKA’s decision to add Bitrex to our formula here.

BBQs and Bonfires

Smart storage is essential to hand sanitizer safety, so if your summer plans call for any form of open flame, make sure to keep your sanitizer stored away and to let your hands dry completely before striking any matches or lighters. 

OLIKA is committed to keeping you and your family safe and healthy! Interested in learning more about year-round hand sanitizer safety? Read our previous blog post here.


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