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How to Clean and Refill Your OLIKA Refillable Hand Sanitizer

by Erin Fabio on Jun 03, 2021

Aside from our bright colors and fresh scents, what are the two best things about OLIKA spray hand sanitizers? Our simple formula and refillable design, luv! 

Refillable packaging means less solid waste, lower CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption, lower water consumption, and lower product waste! With OLIKA, you’re staying clean and green. 

Traditionally, our scents and colors are paired to match: Lavender + Purple, Charcoal + Dusty Gray, Cucumber Basil + Vibrant Green. Thanks to our refills, OLIKA scents and colors can be mixed and matched to match your favorite handbag, personality, or even just your latest outfit. Don’t forget to clean out your OLIKA base to avoid crossing scents! 

How to Clean Your OLIKA: 

  1. If there are a few drops of sani left in the reservoir, turn it upside down and tap it until all the old sanitizer is gone. 
  2. Rinse reservoir with warm water and a mild soap until the water runs clear of soap. 
  3. Leave on drying rack to dry completely. 
  4. Refill with your next OLIKA fragrance hand sanitizer! 

Looking for instructions on refilling your OLIKA? Watch our quick how-to video: 


Did you know? Our hand sanitizer refill pouches contain over 1,500 mists in each package so the mist never quits! 



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