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Put Your Best Hand Forward: How to Send Your College Kids Back to School Safely

by Local Grit LLC on Aug 08, 2021

In just a few weeks, students all around the country will descend on college campuses once again, filled with the thrill of freedom and possibility. Although your darlings are grown and flown, catering to their well-being is still at the top of your to-do list—albeit from afar. 

To help your college student with a safe return to campus, we've put together this collection of easy tips. We know young adults aren't always keen on taking advice. However, to make sure words of wisdom shine through, we believe there are three key factors: Keep it effective, keep it sustainable, and keep it relevant. 

That goes for the way you choose to deliver your loving parental advice as well as the tangibles you might recommend, including sanitizing and cleaning products to give your beloved the best start to the school year. 

In the spirit of our 3 Takeaways, here's some big love from OLIKA to all the parents out there!

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Keep It Effective 

As your kids head back to college, an easy way to earn their cooperation is to offer ideas that can be easily put into place. When you think about the lifestyle of a student, one of the first things that comes to mind is their dorm. 

To help them keep their living space as clean as possible without any fuss, try The Clean Essentials from Blueland, a kit that comes with reusable bottles and natural cleaners. They can use these products in their room as well as communal spaces in the dorm. 

Speaking of communal spaces, when wiping down surfaces isn't practical, an OLIKA clip-on sani spray is a great option. Filled with our hydrating hand sanitizer formula, these cuties can easily be clipped onto backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, or belt loops for easy access.  

Keep It Sustainable

When we say sustainable, we mean it in every sense. From your parental advice to our products and packaging, staying power is the way. Send your students off with an OLIKA Starter Essentials kit so they'll have hand sanitizer spray all semester long. The kit comes with our special essential oil-blend spray—designed to look hip and smell great (mint citrus is a fave)—plus a refill to make life easier and to take it easy on the planet while we're at it. 

Speaking of ease, for the college crowd, food is a major matter of convenience. Some students have their own kitchens, while others make do with the cafeteria or microwaves in communal dorm spaces. In either scenario, these reusable food wraps from Bee's Wrap are a perfect sustainable solution for leftovers or even a handful of trail mix or cheese cubes on the go.  

Keep It Relevant

The best way to keep anyone's attention is to invoke the things they care about. Today's college students are savvy, staying abreast of and getting involved with causes that make a difference in ways big and small. Their passions reflect our values and mission here at OLIKA too, like purity and sustainability. And like our chic little bottles, the college crowd is big on style. 

We love the idea of sending your kids off with products and tips that'll make a difference in their lives and beyond. Here's to a healthy return to campus!

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