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Take 5: 5 Places You Need Your Sani in the Summer

by Local Grit LLC on Aug 02, 2021

Summertime—busy in all the best ways. Bright, sunny days are filled with grilling up the goods, getting a dose of Vitamin D (responsibly, of course!), and relishing special time with friends and family. While you're checking off boxes for summer must-do's, we're here to serve up a list of must-be's for your OLIKA hand sanitizer spray

Your Sanitizer A-List

Since your summer schedule is already in full force, we want to offer a cheat sheet, if you will, of all the places your hand sanitizer should be this summer. Whether you're at work, at play, at rest, or on duty as a busy parent, this list has you covered for all the right occasions. 

At Olika, clean and simple lead the way. That means our A-list was created with ease, sustainability, and wellness top of mind. With no further adieu, we give the stage to our A-list of 2021's best places to keep your sanitizer!

Lavender OLIKA Spray on a Marble Desk Top


This summer, many employees are turning in their key to the Zoom room and heading back to the office. Since your desk is your little corner of the world at work, you'll not only want to make it cozy and welcoming but also fresh and clean. An easy way to do that: Keep your sani spray in your top drawer or right next to your keyboard so your coworkers can share the love.

Kids Backpack 

This year, back-to-school cool looks a little different, but one thing remains the same: Kids love to personalize their supplies and gear. By adding a super-cute adornment to their backpacks with a Majestic Creatures clip on from our Tea Collection, you'll have them looking good and staying safe. Plus, our hand sanitizer ingredients include the safest type of alcohol for your little darlings. 


Wherever you go, your purse goes too, right? So this one's a no-brainer. Tuck a sweet orange blossom OLIKA into a pocket of your favorite summer bag, and be off on your adventures!

OLIKA Fragrance Free Clip On attached to a pink duffle bag

Gym Bag

Benches and bars and dumbbells—oh my! The gym is no place to take it easy, not with your fitness or your sanitary habits. An OLIKA clip-on spray is perfect for your bag, or even your waistband. Just give a little spray here and there to tell those gym germs to take a hike. 

Beach Bag

When vacation is the word, stay sani in style! The obvious choice for any beach bag is the Miami set from our City Collection.

What does #summersani look like for you? Show us on our Instagram, @olikalife!


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