Parent-Approved Gift Guide for Kids
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Parent-Approved Gift Guide for Kids

by Erin Fabio on Nov 08, 2021

It’s no secret that children are brutally honest. Finding a gift that children and parents will enjoy can seem nearly impossible. Whether you’re trying to keep track of which cartoon character is their *new* favorite or seeking gifts for kids that parents won’t hate, here’s our list of practical gifts for kids:

OLIKA surrounded by gifts


If you can get your hands on their latest art project, you can send in their creative creature drawing to Budsies and gift them a stuffed animal of their own design. Parents will love Budsies because this gift doubles as a lifelong keepsake with no worries of torn paper and faded memories. 


These cute shapes and bright colors serve as a kiddo’s new sidekick and doubles as a boost of sanitation. Once they’re hooked on the fresh scent, they’ll have even more fun naming them. Want to solidify your spot as the cool aunt/uncle?? Let them decorate their OLIKA keychain hand sanitizer with googly eyes and glitter glue. 


Sensory toys are all the rage, but so is a slime-free household. Fidget games like this never ending bubble popping game are a great way to tap into their sensory side without leaving parents with a mess to clean up. These toys are easily washed with soap and water and even come in mini, keychain size! Pair this with an OLIKA Sanitizer for the perfect duo. 


Kids love making a giant mess when building forts. Save the mess, but keep the imagination alive by gifting a tent from Tiny Land. Perfect for cozy afternoons when reading books or a special spot for their stuffed animals and toys. 


Whether they’re donning fairy wings or an entire halloween costume, children love to dress up and show their personal style. For a practical gift that allows kids to express their inner princess or bunny after bath time, try a cute animal towel from MORI

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