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Take 5: Travel Etiquette (Clean Hands Edition)

by Erin Fabio on Nov 11, 2021

“Safe travels” has taken on a new meaning, so here are our safe travel tips for being a safe and courteous traveler this season. 

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1. Travel Basics:

Fill your carry-on with plenty of masks and hand sanitizer to last throughout your travels, and do your best to stay distanced on trains, planes, and ride shares. OLIKA hydrating hand sanitizer sprays are perfect for disinfecting community seats, elevator buttons, and door handles with a quick, sweet-smelling spritz! Plus, they’re TSA-friendly.  

2. Testing: 

Knowledge is power, luv. Travel with confidence, and a negative test result. Sites like Pixel make it easy to get quick results from your home, so plan ahead and ditch the excuses! Don’t forget to check local guidelines and policies regarding quarantine and testing before embarking on your journey. 

3. Greetings: 

A friendly wave and quick chat (from 6 feet away, of course) should be enough to suffice, luv. If you’re seeing friends and family for the first time in a while, approach with care and caution to make sure you’re on the same page about spreading germs. As you are out and about this holiday season, don’t forget your OLIKA hand sanitizer for occasions where touching surfaces or people is unavoidable. 

4. Room and Board: 

This year, family traditions may take a back seat to safety. Establish with hosts from years-past if you’re still welcome to stay in their space, and understand if there are new boundaries in place. Limiting visitors to a certain room or level of a home can help maximize disinfectant power, but may mean you’re sleeping on hotel sheets. Bonus: OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer  makes the perfect hostess gift that keeps on giving. 

5. Returning home: 

After returning from a trip, remember to wipe down your luggage, wash your travel outfit, and recharge your immune system. If you have the means, taking an additional test can help make sure you’re in the clear. And lastly, don’t forget to stay in touch- make sure to notify any of your travel companions if you develop symptoms in the following week. 

Looking for more coronavirus travel tips? Check out the CDC’s recently posted guidelines

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