OLIKA Pink Grapefruit Hand Sanitizer Imager, 5 Summer Travel Destinations to Take OLIKA
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5 Places to Bring OLIKA for Summer Travel

by Erin Fabio on May 26, 2022

From sandy hands to sticky fingers at the carnival, never get stuck saying ‘eww’ especially while you’re at your favorite summer travel destinations. Let OLIKA travel hand sanitizer be an essential for everyday and everywhere — clean, delightful, and sustainable. See our top 5 places where you can bring your Olika this summer to ensure you're always clean, even on the go. 

  1. Beach/ Camping : Whether it’s sand or dirt, your hands will always have a less than clean moment. Go from “eww to ooo”  with our convenient OLIKA sanitizer keychain that will make sure your hands stay hydrated and clean as you experience scenic views like at one of the majestic US National Parks. 
  2. Summer Picnics : Imagine beautiful weather and a nice summer picnic at California’s Point Reyes National Seashore (named #1 place to pack a picnic).  Before diving into delicious treats make sure you give your hands a nice spritz of your favorite Olika hydrating hand sanitizer.
  3. Airport: It’s bad enough the lines are long and the drinks are expensive but you can keep from catching unwanted germs by clipping your Olika sanitizer keychain to your carry-on bag. Perfect for easy access when you can’t avoid all the ‘eww moments’ during air travel.
  4. Summer Fair/Carnivals: The summer fair is for funnel cakes and fun rides but it doesn’t come without an “eww” moment or two.  Make sure you bring along your OLIKA travel hand sanitizer and keep your ends ready for summertime treats with a quick spritz of your favorite OLIKA scent.
Summer Concerts: Concerts and festivals are back in full swing this summer and so are the festival fashion looks. Coordinate your colorful OLIKA travel hand sanitizer with your Govenor’s Island Ball or Bonnaroo look, all while keeping your hands feeling clean and fresh.

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