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Ingredient Spotlight: Bitrex

by Erin Fabio on Feb 05, 2021

At OLIKA, we pride ourselves in our hand-picked, perfected ingredients. We took the time to research endless combinations of germ-busting ingredients until we mastered our formula. Adding a new ingredient to the lineup was not taken lightly. 

To make our effective hand sanitizer even more family-friendly, we’ve introduced a new ingredient to our recipe to make sure OLIKA is safe enough for everyone in the family. Meet, Bitrex

Child holding a lavender OLIKA hand sanitizer

Bitrex is, well, bitter. But in the best way. We wanted to make sure our products didn’t taste as good as they look and smell, so we added this bitter agent to make sure your kiddos don’t get confused. Think of it like that bitter nail polish you used to use to keep yourself from biting your nails. 

Bitrex (aka Denatonium Benxonate), is the bitterest substance known to humansWhile it is completely harmless if consumed alone, trust us, you won’t want to. That’s precisely the point. Responsible manufacturers opt to include Bitrex to help make accidental poisoning a thing of the past, making OLIKA a child-safe hand sanitizer. By adding Bitrex to our formula, our alcohol is now denatured. By using denatured alcohol, the ethanol ingredient is no longer safe to drink, but it is still non-toxic and totally safe for your precious hands. If you want to learn more about the types of alcohol in hand sanitizer and why it matters, read this blog post!

We know your little ones mean the world to you, and now the addition of bitrex means OLIKA is safe to stay in theirs. Pick up a limited edition pack of our OLIKA x Tea Collection Hydrating Hand Sanitizers here. Happy, and safe, misting!



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