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Hand Washing vs Sanitizing: When & Where?

by Erin Fabio on Nov 13, 2020

At OLIKA, we love clean hands (naturally!). It’s no secret that using soap and water to hand wash for 20 seconds is the most effective way to get rid of germs, but alas we’ve yet to see a porcelain pedestal sink installed in each subway car. Don’t fret, your trusty hydrating hand sanitizer is here to save the day. We’re here to let you know when to wash your hands and when to use hand sanitizer.

First of all, let’s get some things straight. Not all hand sanitizers are created equally. In order for a hand sani to make the cut, you’ll need to find one with at least a 60% alcohol-based formula. OLIKA’s  effective hydrating hand sanitizer  exceeds the CDC standards for germ killing with 65% ethyl alcohol. When you’re washing your hands, make sure to lather with soap for at least 20 seconds- none of that one, two splash we’ve all been guilty of in the past. 

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Let's go over the basics of hand washing vs. hand sanitizer

  1. At home. Opt for a 20 second scrub down with warm water and hand soap to kick those germs to the curb, especially when handling food, garbage, or playing with your fur babies. 
  1. Out and about. Life hasn’t been completely put on pause, even if your business casual wardrobe has. When you find yourself out and about grocery shopping, pumping gas, grabbing a latte, or feeding the parking meter, mist up! OLIKA clip-ons act as portable protection against pesky germs trying to hitch a ride back to your place. 
  1. Eating and Dining.  Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat or sitting down to dine, clean hands are a must. If you’re able to scout out the restroom, soap and water are your best bet. If you’re having a to-go,  or picnic type of meal, make a point to mist up with effective hand sanitizer before chowing down. 
  1. When soap and water are not available. Go ahead luv, mist your heart out! While hand sanitizer is less effective on visible dirt and grease, an alcohol percentage higher than 60% is still effective at killing germs and reducing their growth. Stock up on an OLIKA multi-pack to make sure you’re never caught without. 

The bottom line? Whether you’re washing or sanitizing, it’s no secret that clean hands help prevent illness and keep you healthy. When in doubt - it’s always a good idea to sanitize.



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