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The Buzz: OLIKA In the News

by Erin Fabio on Jan 27, 2021

OLIKA product lineup with ingredients

You’ve seen OLIKA’s bright packaging at Anthropologie, on Amazon Prime, and in the makeup bags of the influencers around the country. If you’re still not convinced that this hand sani will become your new best friend, don’t just have to take our word for it- catch up on what great publications like Forbes, Condé Nast, and PopSugar have to say about the new spritz on the block!

PopSugar is a huge fan of our scent sampler set, “I've used Olika in the past and fell in love with the gentle yet effective formula. This sampler will allow me to tote my sani on the go and keep one in every bag or drawer.” Read more here, and grab a sampler set for yourself! 

The Washington Post hails OLIKA’s fun design: “The petite Olika birds add a note of whimsy; the portable clip-on version is meant for key chains or dog leashes.”Read more here. 

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Looking for an affordable gift under $10? CNBC says OLIKA’s hydrating formula is the perfect gift to combat traditional dry, cracked hand sanitizer woes. Read more here.

Motherly says “this hand sanitizer is so good, we got one for every person in the family,” and we couldn’t agree more. Read more here.


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NewBeauty says it best: “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…really amazing hand-sanitizer. Don’t count out these cute and colorful aloe vera–fueled formulas as anything but fully effective.” Read more here.

Gearing up for any 2021 travel plans? Coast News notes that OLIKA is perfectly practical for any adventure. Read more here.

VegNews can’t get enough of our vegan, hydrating formula, “Olika makes cute, pocket-friendly, vegan hand sanitizers that hydrate your skin and smell like you’re walking into a spa.” Read more here


In a spotlight on Wellness Innovators, Forbes loves OLIKA’s reimagined and refillable design. Read more here. 

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“Olika checks all our boxes: It contains enough alcohol to meet the CDC's recommendation, but also essential oils to keep hands from completely drying out; plus, it comes with a keychain to loop onto your purse, backpack, or even bike.” Coming from Conde Nast, we’ll take it! Read more here.

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