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Don’t Send Your Kids Back to School Without These 5 Things

by Local Grit LLC on Jul 12, 2021

As summer camp comes to a close, don’t send your kids back to school without these five Back-to-School essentials for a healthy school year.

OLIKA Spray Hand Sanitizers with Children's Book



With rising concerns around toxic chemicals in budget sanitizers, arm your kids with a proven safe sanitizer to help them avoid classroom pumps. OLIKA’s award-winning hydrating hand sanitizer is available in 6 scents and colors, and the clip-on keychain carabiner attaches perfectly to a lunch box or backpack. 

Yeti Kids Water Bottle

Water Bottle 

After the whirlwind year we’ve had, the thought of your little one using a community water fountain probably makes you cringe. Yeti’s leak-resistant, 12-oz kids water bottle is practically begging to be customized with their favorite stickers. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe and can help form healthy hydration habits at a young age!

OLIKA Clip On with Lunch Box


Help your kids avoid the temptation of the lunch room ice cream chest by packing and prepping their favorite snacks to fuel their brains through every class period. Consider a snack box subscription to keep them interested and looking forward to their latest treasure. Plus, a cute OLIKA clip-on hand sanitizer keychain will remind them to sanitize before snacking. 


One of the most important things for a healthy school year is free, and it’ll buy you more time for yourself: Sleep! Get your kids back on their normal sleep schedules a few weeks in advance of their first day, so waking up to catch the bus isn’t a shock to their system. Curious about how many hours of sleep your children need? This is a great resource from the National Sleep Foundation to help you figure it out!

Healthy Breakfast 

Prepping overnight oatmeal or breakfast sandwiches can help make morning meals easier for busy families. A healthy breakfast can kick-start their metabolism and get their bodys and minds fueled up for the first half of the day.  

What is a back to school essential your kids can’t live without? Tell us over on our Instagram, @olikalife.


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