10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas
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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

by Erin Fabio on Nov 22, 2021

Whether you’re planning ahead or shopping right down to the wire, stocking stuffers can stump even the most seasoned gifters. Here’s our list of ten budget-friendly stocking stuffers:

OLIKA wrapped in ribbon.


Smart Sweets healthy alternatives to popular candies are sure to please sweet tooth and health conscious family members alike. 

Travel-Size Products

We all love to linger in the aisle of the cute, tiny travel products. Perfectly sized for stockings and great to have on hand for unexpected trips. 

Hand Sanitizer

OLIKA Clip-On Hand Sanitizer keychains make the perfect stocking stuffer or add-on to any beautifully wrapped gift. 

Phone Cable

You can never have too many phone cables. An adaptable version is a safe choice in case they’ve upgraded to a new phone since the last time you spoke. 

Portable Charger

What’s worse than forgetting your phone charger? Having nowhere to plug it in! Portable chargers are an essential for an on-the-go person. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards for a $5 coffee or quick lunch are a great surprise at the bottom of a stocking and easy to come by for last-minute gifters. 

Travel Mug

Porter ceramic mugs are beautifully crafted and great for a cup of joe on the go.

Reusable Tote

Baggu totes are cute, compact, and made to last.

Ankle/Wrist Weights

Wrist and ankle weights are a great way to increase the intensity of any workout or dog walk.

Bluelight Glasses

All of our eyes could stand a break from screens. Help lessen the strain with blue light glasses. 

What are your go-to stocking stuffers? Head over to our Instagram,  @olikalife, and share your tips! 

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