3 Non-Profits to Support this Holiday Season
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3 Non-Profits to Support this Holiday Season

by Erin Fabio on Nov 29, 2021

Gifting and generosity go hand in hand with the holiday season, but it can be hard to decide where to donate money and what to give. As a sustainable clean wellness brand, we like to give to organizations that align with our mission of accessible, safe hygiene. If charitable giving is a part of your holiday traditions, here are three non-profits to consider supporting this season: 

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Giving the Basics

With a mission of human dignity, Giving the Basics distributes personal care items to schools, low-income families, and veterans in the Kansas City Area. If you would prefer to help closer to home, consider researching local orgs and shelters in need of supplies. For a more hands on approach, consider making your own personal care gift bags and handing them out to shelters or those in need. Add toothbrushes, deodorant, socks, hand sanitizer, and any other basic hygiene items. Don’t forget shampoo! 

Water For People

The right to clean water goes hand in hand with hygiene accessibility. Water For People works to provide clean water by building sanitation systems for communities around the world- a luxury that millions of people lack safe access to. After donating you can track the progress of your contribution and the growing numbers of people with clean water. 

Hope & Comfort

Hope & Comfort is working to eliminate hygiene insecurity in youth and families in need because no one should have to wake up worried about how they look, feel, or smell because they can’t afford basic hygiene products. With over 2.4 million products distributed since January 2020 alone, you’ll feel great about supporting this clean cause. 

Happy Holidays, Luv! Where are you spending your extra time and cents this year? Tell us over on our Instagram, @olikalife.

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