The Dirty Truth About Clean Beauty, Woman Wearing Face Mask and Cucumber Eye Pads
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The Dirty Truth About Clean Brands

by Erin Fabio on Jan 03, 2022

The average American woman uses 12 personal care products with a combined estimated 168 unique ingredients each day, some of which may not meet the rigorous testing standards of our friends across the pond. In the United States, only 11 chemicals are banned from cosmetic ingredient lists, paling in comparison to the EU’s list of 1,328. Without industry-wide transparency, consumers are often left wondering how to know if a skincare product is safe?

Skincare Anarchy is a must-hear podcast for listeners curious about everything from the creation of skincare products to the professionals behind their inception.

SA host, Ekta Yadav, earned her MS in medical physiology from the number one physiology program in the world, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and soon after pursued her MD. Yadav has an immense interest in the emerging markets within the beauty industry, which led her to create her famous podcast.

On a recent episode of Skincare Anarchy, the brains and talent behind OLIKA, Terasana, and Pipette joined forces to share what clean really means for our products, consumers, and our earth.

“It shouldn’t be that clean beauty is a rogue outlier that the rest of the world is quickly adopting.” - Kimberley Carroll, Digital Expert for OLIKA & Terasana

“Safety, transparency, and effectiveness. We want to do all these things, creating products that work and don’t compromise on those values and give a false trade off.” - Janelle Hailey, VP of Marketing & Innovation for OLIKA & Terasana

“I think clean beauty is something you look at holistically. You’re not just looking to see if it was made with clean formulas, but what [is the brand] doing about sustainability?” - Taylor Stanton, Associate Director of Brand Marketing for Pipette

Listen to the full episode now! 

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