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September 01, 2022 3 min read

As more and more people are getting back into travel and the holiday season fast approaching (!!!), it’s important to make sure you have all of your necessities ready to pack in carry-on suitcase. It can get expensive to have a dedicated drugstore trip before every vacation for your mini-essentials, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite TSA-friendly Walmart finds for you to pick up before you take off. 

TSA guidelines for flying require your liquid containers to be under 3.5 ounces and put them in a quart-sized bag. If you need a refresh on travel tips and etiquette, we have you covered here. Before you go through airport security to see family, friends, or take that solo trip that’s been on your bucket list, check out our favorite travel essentials available at a Walmart near you. Bon voyage!

Native Mini-Deodorant, Coconut and Vanilla ($2.97)

If you’ve made the switch to natural deodorant, you know that you can’t go back to regular deodorant without suffering the consequences of another transition phase for your armpits. The travel sections at stores are usually filled with generic deodorant brands that contain toxins you may be trying to avoid. Native deodorant is aluminum, phthalate, and talc free and available in miniature sizes at Walmart. Native makes an effort to be sustainably conscious and sources from all natural ingredients so this is a great choice all around. 

Mini Perfume Atomizer, 5 Pcs ($13.99

Getting off a plane and feeling germy is par for the course but packing a perfume in your bag to apply after using your travel sized deodorant can be a life-saver, especially if you have to go from your flight to a social function. It’s definitely not a shower, but your coworkers and friends won’t know the difference. These mini perfume atomizers are great because instead of having to purchase a new mini perfume, you can just put some of your usual fragrance into the bottle to bring for your trip. This pack comes with five atomizers, so you can share with friends or pack a variety of options for your travels! 

OLIKA Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On, Lavender ($4.97)

The tight restrictions of the pandemic may have passed, but that doesn’t mean that COVID-19 and many other germs aren’t waiting for us on the airplane and around the airport. Packing a hand sanitizer is an absolute necessity for the plane. The OLIKA Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is a great choice for travel for a few reasons. The clip-on design makes it a convenient and easy TSA-friendly hand sanitizer. Plus, it also doubles as a disinfecting spray that you can use to spray down your seat, arm rest, and tray table before you fly. It comes in a variety of fresh scents, so you don’t need to worry about bothering other travelers with your spray. Finally, OLIKA hand sanitizer is refillable, so when you run out you can simply buy more sanitizer liquid to fill it back up– making it a cost efficient and eco-friendly option. 

Downy Fresh Wrinkle Releaser Fabric Spray ($1.56)

When you pack in a carry-on, it likely means that you will be rolling and folding your clothes as small as possible in order to optimize your space. With tight folds usually comes pretty bad wrinkles and your hotel or Airbnb may not have an iron or steamer. Luckily, Downy makes a travel size wrinkle release spray that you can spritz onto your clothes so that they look freshly-pressed, without the hassle. It comes in a larger size too, so if you decide you like the convenience of the product you can buy the larger one to simply refill your mini-bottle to save plastic and money! 

Equate Travel Kit, 8 Piece ($4.00)   

Having a reusable set of travel sized containers is an eco-friendly switch that you can easily make before your next trip. For only $4.00, this investment seems like a no brainers because you can use it for all of your trips to come as well. This pack comes with a TSA approved toiletry bag, shampoo and conditioner bottles, a spray bottle, and a variety of tubs for other skincare products. Instead of having multiple travel-size bottles, you can just keep refilling these ones so you always have a complete travel set on hand. 

Picking up these 5 TSA-friendly items are sure to make your travel experience a little bit easier! You can find a Walmart near you on their website so you don’t have to wait for shipping. Plus, if you aren’t using these products for travel, they are also great for your everyday work bag, your purse, or backpack. Be sure to clip on an OLIKA birdie for maximum preparedness!

Check out other articles on our blog O, Darling for more travel tips and tricks! 

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