5 Self Care Resolutions
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Take 5: 5 Self Care Resolutions for 2022

by Erin Fabio on Jan 03, 2022

Unrealistic New Year's resolutions are so 2012. It’s time we stop overwhelming ourselves with strict diets and insane weight loss goals. Instead, here are our five self care resolutions that you’ll look forward to keeping: 

Establish a morning routine.

You’d be amazed by how much an extra 10 minutes can transform your morning. Maybe you’d pack your lunch for work, make your favorite cold foam coffee drink, or have extra time to scroll on social media before jumping out of bed. However you choose to start your day, establishing a non-negotiable morning routine can help center your day and jumpstart your productivity. 

Read for a few minutes each day. 

Did you know reading helps improve brain connectivity, increases your vocabulary, reduces stress, fights depression symptoms, and prevents cognitive decline? Swap your cell phone for a good ole fashioned book for a few minutes each day to reap these benefits. Plus, you’ll finally be on the same page as #BookTok.

Be proactive with your health.

Take time at the beginning of the year to schedule your annual healthcare appointments with your providers including your dermatologist, optometrist, women’s health, and more. With your health, it’s better to be proactive than reactive!  

Learn your stressors. 

Practice mindfulness this year by jotting down the things that uproot your calm throughout the day. Becoming more self aware of your sensitivities and stressors can help you curb your reactions and prevent any overreactions or unfavorable behavior in the future. 

Date yourself. 

Being a full-time people pleaser is hard work! Prioritize having “me-time” in the new year with a self-care day filled with restorative activities for your body and mind. Once a month, do something for yourself that helps you recharge, like taking a solo pottery class or booking your own massage.

How are you prioritizing yourself in the new year? Let’s chat over on our Instagram, @olikalife. 

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