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Take 5: Refillable Alternatives to Your Daily Products

by Erin Fabio on Jun 25, 2021

Cut back on the plastic clutter and single-use waste in your home with these 5 Refillable Alternatives to Your Daily Products: 

Earth Tone Bathroom Products

Lotion: Public Goods

Public Goods is great, at refillable lotion that is! Your summer skin will never be parched with their super affordable lotion refill pouches. This lotion formula is lightly scented with eucalyptus, mint, and citrus essential oils and most importantly: vegan and kid-friendly!

Hand Sanitizer: OLIKA 

If you use hand sanitizer as often as you should, you’re running out often! OLIKA Hand Sanitizer is refillable and the keychain clip-on makes it easy to stay prepared. With a clean formula and 15x as many uses compared to gels of similar size, you’ll be hooked on these refillable hand sanitizers. Allure thinks so too and included OLIKA in their roundup of 23 Refillable Products to Try for a Less Wasteful Beauty Regimen

Sunscreen: Fenty Skin

It’s easy to become obsessed with any Rihanna-approved product, but Fenty’s refillable SPF 30 Sunscreen might be our favorite. Applying sunscreen year-round is crucial, which means plenty of empty bottles through the seasons. This refillable option is long overdue and definitely one of our summer staples!

Deodorant: Kiima, Dove, Myro

Deodorant scent, formula, and ingredients are largely a personal preference, so it’s hard to highlight a single refillable option. Thankfully, there’s plenty to choose from like Human Kind, Myro, Dove, Kiima, and more! As the weather heats up and you layer on the deo, opt for a more sustainable, refillable option to cut waste in half.

Household Cleaning: Grove

After a successful launch at Target (Congrats, Grove!) sustainable alternatives to household cleaning products are now accessible to more people! Grove’s Target collection features glass spray bottles, dispensers, refills, and cleaning concentrates to completely overhaul your under-the-sink cleaning stash. On your next target run, look out for their glass, everyday surface, and tile & tub concentrates along with dish soap and hand soap refills.

What are some of your favorite sustainable and refillable product swaps? Let us know over on our Instagram, @olikalife!


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