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Take 5: 5 Surprising Surfaces to Keep Clean During COVID-19

by Erin Fabio on Sep 22, 2020

Anyone else feel like these past few months have been one, long cleaning spree? We sure do! Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, things we perhaps never even thought to clean have become our most sanitized surfaces. From door handles to light switches to cell phones, we seem to always be disinfecting something. Antibacterial spray, cleansing wipes, and hand sanitizers have suddenly become our new best friends. By now, we’re all aware of how important it is to clean those touch surfaces as much as possible, but what exactly is the most effective way to ensure you’re actually killing all those germs and bacteria? Some products work great on some surfaces, but not-so-great on others. So, how do we know what to use on what? What works best? And how often do we clean them? We’ve been asking ourselves these questions too, so we compiled a list of 5 Ways to Clean 5 Different Things During COVID-19:

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1. Door Handles

Door handles are arguably one of the most likely places to harbor outside germs and bacteria that could cause you to get sick. You touch them every time you arrive from the outdoors and, if you host a guest, they’ll bring bacteria from their home into yours via the doorknob. It’s great to clean these after you have a guest over or on a weekly basis if you don’t. To ensure you aren’t missing any of your door handles, clean them as a group by walking around your house and cleaning every handle as you move from room to room. This way, you won’t miss anything! The CDC and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have compiled a list of recommended disinfectant sprays that effectively fight bacteria. Follow the instructions on the label to see which ones are best for different surfaces. And luvs, always be sure to wear gloves when handling cleaning products. We wouldn’t want to irritate those precious hands of yours.

These cleaning tips also apply for pretty much any touch surface in your house! Think remote controls, light switches, chairs, counter-tops, etc. Go room by room cleaning every last one, this way you will never worry about a surface going un-cleaned.

2. Clothes

Clothes, really?! Yep, even clothes can carry germs and bacteria that could make you sick. If you’re dealing with laundry that may have come in contact with an infected individual, be sure to handle with gloves. Try your best not to shake the dirty laundry, this will minimize the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air. As always, clean your clothes in accordance with their instructions. If possible, launder your items using the warmest setting and dry them completely.

This goes for masks too! Be sure to wash your reusable masks as frequently as possible on the warmest setting and dry it completely. This way you’ll always be clean and protected.

3. Electronics

Our cell phones, tablets, touch screens, and keyboards can have some seriously nasty germs, especially while we’re all stuck working from home. Sometimes these can be pretty tricky to clean without damaging the product with liquid disinfectants. So, it’s always important to read the manufacturer label before you start cleaning to see how they recommend doing so. We’ve found that the easiest and most reliable way to clean your electronics is with Clorox, Lysol, or other antibacterial wipes containing at least 65% alcohol. This way, you avoid potentially damaging liquids and you can easily kill all those built-up germs and bacteria. As a highly touched surface, try cleaning all your electronics on a weekly basis.

For future easy cleaning, consider purchasing wipeable covers for your phone, keyboard, or mouse! It’ll allow you to simply remove the cover, disinfect it, and then place it back onto your electronic.

4. The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places to carry germs in your household. It should be cleaned most frequently, especially during COVID-19. The obvious bathroom spots to clean are showers, bathtubs, sink handles, and toilets. But don’t forget those other high-touch surfaces like drawer handles, cupboard knobs and fronts, countertops, shower heads, knobs, and curtains. These pesky surfaces can host tons of germs and bacteria if they’re neglected, so don’t forget to clean them too! In the bathroom, it’s best to use bleach disinfectants and always remember to wear gloves and wash your hands after you’ve finished cleaning, this will protect you from all those chemicals.

5. Our Hands

Last, but certainly not least: your hands, of course! They’re at the highest risk for picking up germs and bacteria since they’re what we use to do pretty much everything! The absolute best way to clean them is with antibacterial soap and warm water. Unfortunately, we don’t always have access to a sink, soap, or water when we’re out and about. The solution? Travel hand sanitizer! We suggest having several small, cute hand sanitizer dispensers hidden in your purse, car, gym bag, jacket pocket, on your keychain, and pretty much anywhere else you can think to put them. If you’ve always got hand sani handy, you’ll have peace of mind that your hands are squeaky clean.

At OLIKA, we’re pretty much experts when it comes to travel hand sanitizer. That’s why we created The Clip-On - a hydrating hand sani that is designed to travel with you everywhere and anywhere!




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