Take 5: 5 Foolproof Gift Ideas
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Take 5: 5 Foolproof Gift Ideas

by Local Grit LLC on Oct 17, 2021

As the season of gifting approaches, keeping a list of gift ideas for coworkers, extended family, or friends can be your saving grace if you’re in a last-minute gift bind. Here are five of our favorite foolproof gift ideas that anyone will appreciate: 

OLIKA hand sanitizer as gift tag

Coffee or Tea

Most people are loyal to their favorite coffee or tea, so both make a great gift to help shake up their morning routine! Not sure of their favorite brew? You can’t go wrong with sample sets and subscription services to help widen their horizons.


Gifting a candle has come a long way since your parent’s time. With unique shapes, scents, and experiences, candles continue to make great, creative gifts year round.

Hand Sanitizer

The best gifts are practical gifts! Clip a hand sanitizer keychain onto the outside of your present, or make it the star of the show by gifting them a sanitizer set complete with a keychain hand sanitizer, spray hand sanitizer, and a hand sanitizer refill pouch.


Everyone enjoys a fresh bouquet of flowers! Flowers are a perfect gift for someone hard to shop for. Support small local businesses or make a statement with unique companies like Fresh Sends.


If you’re gifting to an adult, a bottle of wine is the perfect gift for any budget. To make it more personalized, adhere a custom sticker label specific to the person or occasion. 

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