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In Case You Mist It: How to Refill OLIKA

by Erin Fabio on Mar 22, 2021

It’s no secret that the beauty + consumer goods industries have a huge sustainability problem. From microbeads to single-use plastic packaging, there are a lot ugly consequences for your favorite products. OLIKA is determined to bring you a safe and effective product that’s not at the expense of our environment by delivering a refillable hand sanitizer. 



The LA Centre compared refillable packaging to single-use products and found that refills create 70% less CO2 emissions, use 60% less energy and 45% less water. With our hand sanitizer refill packs, you’re free to spritz your sani as much as you please without worrying about having to throw mainstream plastic hand sanitizer bottles away. 

Mint Citrus OLIKA clip on and refill

How to Refill OLIKA:

  • Carefully unscrew your OLIKA top from the base
  • Remove the cap from your refill. Be careful! We fill them to the brim so you can use every last drop of the hand sanitizer liquid.
  • Pour the refill pouch into your OLIKA base. Stop one you’ve filled to the top of the reservoir area. 
  • Twist the top back onto your OLIKA (and the refill, of course)!
  • Prime your pump 5-10 times to get the sani flowing!

The average American generates more than 250 pounds of plastic waste every year, with a large amount coming from packaging. Our refill pouches hold 1500+ uses and are a simple step to becoming more sustainable. Get started with our new Starter Essential Set now!





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