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August 09, 2022 3 min read

College campuses are the ideal breeding grounds for germs– students are exposed to new illnesses that spread quickly throughout the student body, jumping from dorm to dorm. Especially when it comes to communal living spaces, it is important to think about how you can protect yourself on campus. While you can’t do much about how the germs spread from student to student, you can work to avoid picking them up by sanitizing spaces that you and other students visit frequently to eat, study, and hangout. Amidst a pandemic, it is more important than ever to be conscious of these practices as the future of new variants and developing symptoms of COVID-19 are constantly on the horizon. 

OLIKA’s Back to School Collection

OLIKA’s new Back to School collection features four differently scented sanitizers, each equipped with a clip-on keychain so you can attach your sanitizer to your student ID, your keys, or your school bag. The sprayable formula doubles as both a hand sanitizer and a disinfectant spray, so you can use it to clean your hands, surfaces or objects. To help keep you healthy, here are five places you should be sanitizing on campus this fall. 

University gym

Even though the gym is a place you go to focus on your health, it is often full of germs and bacteria from everyone who has worked out before you. Unfortunately, people often forget to wipe down their equipment after exercising and leave behind germs and sweat for the next user. Before you hop on a treadmill or pick up a weight, you can use your OLIKA to spray down your equipment to make sure you get rid of any lingering germs. 

Dining hall 

One of the easiest ways to catch a cold or flu going around is by picking up bacteria from your hands while you eat. Even if you sanitize when entering the dining hall, tables, chairs, and dining trays are still likely to be full of germs from other students. Before you sit down to have your meal, consider spraying down your hands and table with your OLIKA to kill any germs from the students who dined before you. 

Public or University transportation 

Whether you are riding the metro, the subway, the bus, or your school-provided shuttle it is an absolute must to sanitize your hands after touching shared railings and seats. Thousands of people pass through public transportation each day– just think about how many germs there are on those seats! If you keep your OLIKA readily available, you can sanitize whenever and wherever you feel necessary while you are on-the-go. 


Have you ever touched a door handle and been grossed out when it felt a bit sticky or damp? Unfortunately, with students going in and out of university buildings each day, you are bound to run into a dirty door handle from time to time. Rather than have to sit through 70 minutes of class wondering about what is now living on your hands, if you keep your OLIKA accessible, you can easily sanitize and focus on your learning.


The library becomes your best friend in college, whether or not you anticipate it. Similar to the dining hall, basically every student on campus comes in and out of the library, leaving germs on the tables, books, and white boards that you use to study. Whether you are disinfecting the tables or cleaning your hands after touching books, this is another place where you should keep your OLIKA on hand so you can study, snack, and work worry-free. 

Regardless of where you go on campus or what you do, fighting germs and staying healthy is one of the most important forms of self-care for a college student. Especially when it is your first time in communal living, it can be really easy to get stuck in a cycle of sickness once your immune system first lets its guard down. Being sick makes it hard to study, make friends, and enjoy your time at school. With a good sanitizer by your side, you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your health a priority, as sanitizing can and should be convenient and easy. 

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