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Take 5: Sanitizing Tips for Moms

by Erin Fabio on May 14, 2021

Between chauffeuring play dates, making sure the kids are eating enough veggies, and balancing their own social lives, Mom’s have enough things to keep track of. Sanitizing and disinfecting should be an easy, effortless part of your daily routine that helps you and your family stay healthy and safe. 

Woman wearing a white backpack with an OLIKA lavender clip on hand sanitizer attached

OLIKA hand sanitizers are designed to fit into your hand and your routine with refreshing bursts of aromatherapy and sanitizing power! Here are five of our best sanitizing tips for moms: 

On The Go

It’s no secret that public spaces are full of germs, but what can you do to protect your family on the go? Avoid touching surfaces all together by entering through automatic doors, using contactless payment methods, and curbside pickup. Arm yourself (and your kids) with an OLIKA hand sanitizer keychain for those unavoidable moments in between. 

The Home

No matter how diligent you are about sanitizing while out and about, germs can still make their way onto common surfaces in your home. Regularly clean light switches, door knobs, remote controls, telephones, and other shared surfaces as part of your weekly cleaning routine!


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Their Toys

While your kids might not want to go a minute without their favorite toys, taking the time to clean them can keep them looking and working their best. Hard plastic and plush toys should be cleaned weekly. Baby toys are most likely to be put in your child’s mouth or dropped on the floor, so they should be cleaned every one to two days. Electronic toys should be surface cleaned on a regular basis. 

The Car

Make sure you’re not carting around germs by disinfecting your vehicle on a weekly basis. Don’t fret, you don’t need to make time for a professional detailing each week, but running out to the car with a disinfectant wipe to give handles, knobs, seat belts, and headrests a quick swipe can help keep your family from taking a pit-stop at the doctors. 

The Daily Routine

Sanitizing works best when it’s part of your daily routine. OLIKA Clip-On hand sanitizer keychain will keep safety at the top of you and your family’s mind. Our scents are formulated with essential oils that will leave you craving your next mist and our convenient keychain clip-on is always along for the ride.

How do you incorporate sanitizing into your daily routine? Share your sanitizing tips over on our Instagram!




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