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5 Steps to Create a Sanitizing Station at Home

by Erin Fabio on May 03, 2021

After over a year of meticulous sanitizing, cleanliness might feel like a bit of a chore. While you’ve probably stopped scrubbing down your groceries as soon as you set them on the counter, you should still make disinfecting common items a habit. Make sanitizing, a quick, easy part of your routine with an at home sanitizing station

1. Pick your spot

Your DIY Sanitizing Station should live in a high traffic area of your home. Where do you stop to collect yourself before leaving or after returning to your home? This could be your entryway, your kitchen, the door to your garage, or even your bedroom dresser. This is exactly where you want your sanitization station to be- you won’t remember if it’s out of sight and out of mind! 

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2. Gather your supplies

To stock your sanitizing station, start with the basics: OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer and fresh masks. You don’t want to weigh down your routine with 10 extra steps, so opt for quick, easy-to-use products. OLIKA spray hand sanitizer can double as a disinfectant for your keys, wallet, and phone - a couple quick mists and you’re good as new! 

3. Time to get hand-y

Commit to a cleaner lifestyle by installing a shelf or hooks to solidify your sanitizing station. Are you renting or just not a fan of power tools? Command strips are your best friend, and they offer aesthetic hooks and light-weight shelves that can serve as a catch-all for your keys and sanitizer.  

4. Assemble the Station

Create a set-up that matches your lifestyle. Our sanitizing station has two hooks: one for clean masks, and one for used masks. OLIKA hydrating hand sanitizer keychains can hang perfectly off a hook, or sit pretty on a shelf. 

5. Adjust your routine

Finally, it’s time to form a habit. Did you know scent is one of the most powerful senses? Plus, it’s also directly tied to memory, so OLIKA’s essential oil fragrances will help keep your sanitizing on schedule. Spritz your hands, phone, and keys whenever you get back home and you’ll find yourself looking forward to your routine burst of cucumber basil, orange blossom, or mint citrus scent. Want to try all of our fragrances? Shop sampler sets here.  



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