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July 19, 2022 2 min read

Back to school season is here!There are so many places at school where your little one might need to clean their hands. We have the perfect solution for every messy situation! Meet our Mighty Mists by OLIKA - For Unstoppable Kids! Each OLIKA is a different character — Brave, Bold, Unstoppable, and Strong, so your child can feel like a superhero with our hero ingredients alongside them. Start thisschool year strong and keep your hands clean with our limited-edition, refillable OLIKA Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is perfect for your kid’s return to school.

Where you need OLIKA Hand Sani at School

  1. Be STRONG at Recess: Recess can get messy — and you can count on OLIKA to get you through it. On the playground, OLIKA can be used to clean your hands after the monkey bars, a game of tag, drawing with chalk on the blacktop, and more! The best part is, you can clip your OLIKA on a water bottle or backpack, so it can be with them on the playground.
  2. Be BOLD in Art Class: We know that everyone wants to support their children in cultivating creativity and OLIKA can help you do that! We all know and love the arts and crafts that are brought home from art class. And from arts and crafts at home, we know how messy art class can be. So, bringing along your OLIKA to art class can help make cleaning up quick and easy!
  3. Clean up at Lunchtime: Clean hands are essential in aschool cafeteria. Going to the bathroom to wash your hands might seem like a big task, so leave it to OLIKA to make clean hands a little more accessible. Clip your favorite Back to School Limited Edition OLIKA to your little one’s lunch box for easy access!
  4. Be UNSTOPPABLE in Gym Class: Gym class gets sweaty, but you don’t want to stop the fun! Plus, gym equipment is used by everyone at school, so you definitely want to have clean hands after participating in Gym Class. Luckily, OLIKA is effective against 99.9% of germs. OLIKA can be kept in the locker room or in your kids’ desk for easy clean up!
  5. Be BRAVE in After School Activities: After school activities are so important when it comes to your child being able to express themselves. Whether you’re at dance rehearsal or baseball practice, OLIKA has your back. Pack a Back to School OLIKA in your afterschool bag to bring along with you on all of your adventures. When in doubt, OLIKA will be there! 

 As you can see, OLIKA will be there for you no matter what, where, and when. And there’s no need to worry about dry hands with all of this sanitizing! OLIKA’s Ultra-Hydrating Formula will provide 24-hour hydration to your hands. To learn more about our ingredients andhow OLIKA is hydrating, check out our blog here. Clip on your favorite OLIKA Mighty Mist for Unstoppable Kids and enjoy your back to school season!

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