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June 30, 2022 5 min read

 Here at OLIKA, we pride ourselves on formulating our hand sanitizers with clean yet effective ingredients. Transparency is one of our key values– so we’re here to help you understand why our ingredients are so special and how they can benefit you. Additionally,  Made OLIKA Clean is our commitment to transparency in creating products that are safe for people and our planet. It’s through this approach that we create hygiene products that are clean, safe, effective, sustainable + fun to use. 

Have you ever looked at the ingredient label for hand sanitizers and wondered “What  are  these ingredients?” We don’t blame you! Ingredients of wellness and household products, especially products that have sanitizing ingredients, can be difficult to understand at first glance. 

That’s why we’re launching OLIKA U  — Your newest guide to help you understand what our products are, what they do, and how they work. Welcome to the first lesson at OLIKA U: Your crash course to the ingredients found in our core formula:

Our Clean Ingredients

1. Biobased Denatured Ethanol Alcohol

    According to the CDC, in order for a hand sanitizer to be considered effective it must contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is one of the most trusted ingredients for eliminating bacteria and viruses because it effectively breaks down the protein structures of bacteria cells. Interestingly, ethanol increases in effectiveness when it is mixed with water, which is why most hand sanitizers are never solely made up of ethanol. 
    Some sanitizers use other alcohols as the primary active ingredient in their formulas, but ethanol is universally agreed to be the best. Read more about this topic in our deep dive into why the type of alcohol in your sanitizer matters  here. Other choices are isopropyl alcohol or methanol. While isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is effective for fighting germs, it is harsher on the skin than ethanol and can cause more dryness or irritation and isn’t as effective when mixed with ingredients like aloe to combat this dryness. Methanol has been used in the past for hand sanitizers but is an extremely dangerous choice. It is very toxic to ingest and can be absorbed through the skin when applied through hand sanitizer. Steer clear of any consumer products that are made with methanol. 
    OLIKA’s  hydrating hand sanitizers contain 65% ethyl alcohol, exceeding the CDC guidelines and making our formula effective against 99.9% of germs.


    2. Glycerin

      Glycerin, or glycerol, is an important contributor to the hydrating benefits of OLIKA hand sanitizers. Effectively fighting bacteria and viruses may result in the skin feeling stripped and dry, but together with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, glycerin’s moisturizing properties keep your skin from reaching that red, itchy, or even flaky state. 
      Glycerin is known as a humectant; it pulls moisture from the environment into your skin. This unique ability to trap moisture from the air and move it through your skin’s barrier keeps hydration locked into your hands. Since glycerin is able to penetrate through your skin’s barrier, it can also help increase the moisturizing benefits of our other ingredients like aloe and water. Glycerin is a great ingredient for more sensitive skin types because it is naturally occurring in the body, so it is less likely to cause any reactions or redness. 
      No matter how much you spray your OLIKA, glycerin can be safely used over and over again. So next time you see your little one applying a little too much sanitizer, don’t stress! Besides fighting bacteria, they are also building up their skin barrier and keeping their hands hydrated.


      3. Decolorized Whole Leaf Extract Aloe-Vera

      Aloe-vera is a powerful plant packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It protects and moisturizes your skin, while also helping to reduce inflammation and any signs of irritation. We take care to use decolorized whole leaf extract aloe-vera rather than non-decolorized extract because the process of decolorization removes dangerous toxins that are naturally found in the aloe-vera plant. When coupled with hyaluronic acid, and glycerin your hands are packed with hydration to combat any drying effects of ethyl alcohol. 
      With all this talk of hydration, you might be wondering why hydrated hands are healthier? Take a deep dive into more hydration information in our previous  blog post.


      4. Deionised Water

        When making a sanitizer, it is critical to use the most pure form of water– deionised water! To think of water as a core ingredient may seem silly, but it is at the foundation of strong, hydrated skin, whether you are absorbing it from the inside or outside of your body. Deionised water is even more powerful than regular water in providing hydration to your skin because it has gone through chemical filtration (or an ion exchange) to purify the water and remove ion minerals. 
        The process of deionization helps to remove any components that may irritate your skin or any pre-existing skin conditions. By using deionised water in our OLIKA core formula, you don’t need to worry about sensitivities to any minerals or pollutants. Deionised water also acts as a carrier to help deliver all of the benefits of the other ingredients in our sanitizer, ensuring that you are reaping the maximum benefits from each ingredient in our core formula. 


        5. Hyaluronic Acid

          Many people think that hyaluronic acid is the ingredient that delivers moisture to your skin. However, hyaluronic acid actually binds to water molecules in your skin and helps to keep them locked in. Without an ingredient to keep moisture locked in, your skin barrier risks becoming dry and exposed from a lack of water retention. Luckily, hyaluronic acid prevents your skin from becoming vulnerable to environmental contaminants. 

          Hyaluronic acid benefits every skin type. Ultimately, as one of our hero ingredients in our core formula, it rebuilds and strengthens your skin barrier as the sanitizer fights bacteria. Paired with our other hero ingredients, aloe vera and glycerin, hyaluronic acid helps prevent dryness and lock in 24-hour hydration with each spritz of our hydrating hand sani! And another benefit of hyaluronic acid is that over time it will make your skin feel stronger and more resilient to the environment. You don’t have to sacrifice your skin barrier for clean hands! 

          Our Commitment to Transparency

          OLIKA is committed to transparency in creating products that are safe for people and our planet. It’s important to us that our customers know exactly what they are putting on their hands. With OLIKA U, we will continue to put science first, prioritize our hero ingredients, and value high ethical standards, while sharing what all of that looks like with our customers. Look forward to more from OLIKA U for everything you need to know about our hydrating hand sanitizers!







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