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Back-to-School Refill Scent Sampler Set

The Back to School Collection: The Back to School Refill Scent Sampler Set includes our sustainable Refill in each of our 4 limited-edition Back to School fragrances – Brave, Unstoppable, Bold and Strong! Made with conscious ingredients, OLIKA is effective against 99.9% of germs and provides 24-hour hydration with hyaluronic acid + aloe. Kids will love to mist on their super powers with the OLIKA Back to School Collection, and will never need to worry about running out with the Refill Scent Sampler!


Brave (Purple): Making Waves! Fruity and floral, the perfect day at the beach

Strong (Green):All Day Long! Warm and woodsy, a quintessential summer day

Unstoppable (Blue):Anything’s Possible! Green and herbal, a walk through the garden

Bold (Pink):Breaking The Mold! Sweet and tart, berry picking at an orchard

  • Sample set contains 4 refills
  • 1,500+ mists in each package
  • 3 fl oz / 90 mL
  • Refills your OLIKA Spray + OLIKA Clip-On
  • Avoids unnecessary single-use plastics

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