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Take 5: 5 Reasons Why Refillable Is Better

by Local Grit LLC on Oct 06, 2021

Whether you’re shopping in the grocery store or strolling down the beauty aisle, avoiding single use plastic feels nearly impossible these days. 

Brands like OLIKA realize consistent purchases of hygiene, cleaning, and personal health products often coincide with routine plastic waste. In fact, the beauty industry is one of the biggest offenders in the world of single use plastic. Recycling that empty lotion bottle isn’t as easy as you’d like to think- only  7% of plastic waste is successfully recycled and repurposed. How can you take steps to being more sustainable in our beauty routines? Refills!

hands holding OLIKA refill pouches

Why are refillable products better for the environment? 

Less Plastic

Multiple plastic components go into a single beauty item, from the bottle itself to the pump top. Refills allow you to continuously use the container from your initial purchase, reducing unnecessary plastic waste. Refillable packaging uses 45% less water, 70% less CO2 emissions, and 60% less energy to create than single use products! 

Save Money

Refills are often cheaper when broken down into price per oz!  OLIKA refillable hand sanitizer refills are a great value, so you can spritz away while saving the planet. 

Easily Recyclable

Not all plastics can be recycled.  Refill pouches like OLIKA’s are created from a single type of plastic, meaning they’re easily recyclable through store drop off recycling!


Your nose votes Lavender but your outfit matches the Orange Blossom dispenser? Refills allow you to customize your product experience and mix and match your sprays and scents! With refillable packaging, consumers have more control over product application and appearance. 


Refill pouches let you take the exact amount of product you need with you on the go. Going on a long trip? Pack a TSA approved hand sanitizer refill in your carry on to refill your OLIKA hydrating hand sanitizer throughout your vacation. 

Want to try out some of our favorite refillable products? OLIKA Refillable Hand Sanitizer, Isle of Paradise Refillable Self Tanner, and Ouai Shampoo are at the top of our list! Let us know your favorite refillable products over on our Instagram, @olikalife, and read up on ways to spot a sustainable brand!


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