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In Case You MIST It: How to be Eco-Friendly and Germ Free

by Erin Fabio on Apr 16, 2021

According to National Geographic, there are over five trillion pieces of plastic currently floating in our oceans. Product packaging alone accounts for 40% of total plastic usage and the pandemic hasn’t helped the plastic pollution problem either, as many companies are opting for single use cutlery, cups, and bags to avoid cross contamination. At OLIKA, our hand sanitizer spray is designed to keep you clean, but not at the expense of our environment. 

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In case you mist it, OLIKA hydrating hand sanitizers are refillable, so you can spritz your heart out without worrying about throwing away a mainstream plastic hand sanitizer bottle each time you run out. The LA Centre compared refillable packaging to single-use packaging and found that refills create 70% less CO2 emissions and use 60% less energy and 45% less water to create. Want to see how easy it is to refill your OLIKA? Watch our how-to video. 

Besides using refillable hand sanitizer, how else can you stay sustainable and germ free? We like bringing our own cutlery and straws along with us when dining on the go. Have you ever had a drive-thru forget to give you a straw?! Those days are over once you start carrying your own. Reusable masks are also a favorite of ours, and can be a game changer if you’re suffering from mask-ne or mask-rash from irritating, rough paper masks. 

Pro tip: Make sure germs aren’t hitching a ride on your re-usable products by washing them regularly. Don’t forget to dig your reusable straws and cutlery out of your bag when you get home from the office and add your fabric alternatives to your weekly loads of laundry.

How have you been straying from single use plastics? Tag us in your favorite single-use alternatives on instagram!





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