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Home for the Holidays: Quarantine Gift List

by Erin Fabio on Dec 11, 2020

With travel restrictions and high-stakes health risks, many people are choosing to sit out on holiday gatherings this year. While the whole family may not be gathered around the same table, here’s a list of meaningful gifts to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well:


Quarantine Gift Guide Infographic


Pass the time 

If they’re anything like us, they’ve already made their way through the Netflix directory from start to finish. To help pass the time, send an e-gift card for a streaming service they might not have, like  Disney+ or Hulu. If they’re burnt out on movie marathons, a month or two of Spotify PremiumAudibleMasterClass, or SkillShare is sure to switch things up.

Jog their memory

Dust off your old photo albums or VCR tapes and revisit fun memories you may have forgotten about. Spark a conversation about a snapshot you’ve never seen before or enlist some help in trying to clear up a foggy memory. For an inexpensive option, scan your photos with your smartphone and drop a surprise in their inbox. Find a hidden treasure? Sites like Artifact Uprising or Framebridge will do your memories justice and deliver beautiful mementos to their front door.  

Staying safe

While their trips into town may be few and far between, send them a germ-fighting side kick to bring along on any essential errands. OLIKA clip-on hydrating hand sanitizers are one of the best gifts for quarantine. They attach perfectly to your keys or handbag, and double as a quick sanitizing spritz for frequently touched areas. The best part? They’re refillable!

Send some sunshine

Spruce up their space and send some sunshine with a bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers, Fresh Sends, or Venus Et Fleur. These beautiful arrangements will speak for themselves and brighten up the room more than your uncle’s crazy jokes.

Stock their pantry

Companies like Harry and David, Wolfermans, or Baked by Melissa are a go-to for the  perfect Covid Christmas gift with a hand-picked treat basket. Can’t choose the perfect assortment? E-gift cards for Uber Eats and InstaCart put the decision in their hands and can help get them out of a cooking rut. If you’re feeling extra generous, maybe it’s time you share those secret recipes you’ve been keeping close to your chest. Just because they can’t taste your famous pecan pie, doesn't mean they can’t try and recreate it on their own. Hey, why not make a Facetime baking date out of it? 

Remember, luv, just because the holidays look different this year, doesn’t mean you can’t spread joy, (not germs!) in new ways.

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