For the Love of Green: Our Sustainability Story
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For the Love of Green: Our Sustainability Story

by Erin Fabio on Feb 13, 2022

The Origins of OLIKA

The hand sanitizer industry was well overdue for a makeover. Gone are the days of goopy gel hand sanitizers that leave your hands feeling cracked and dry. Before OLIKA, hand sanitizer was a product we would dread having to use- an afterthought, an “if-i-must” addition to our purse or fanny pack. 

After a visit to the hospital, one of OLIKA’s founders was sent home with a powerful skin cleanser that, while effective, was rather unpleasant to use. Why were we settling for the same old sanitizer? 

OLIKA stepped (well, spritzed) onto the scene in 2017, founded on 5 main principles: Effective, Clean, Hydrating, Sustainable, and Chic. 

Between our hydrating formula, aromatherapy-esque scents, and irresistibly cute packaging, everyone from soccer moms to the Kardashian’s makeup artist started flocking to our cute spray hand sanitizer. 

Our Sustainability Journey

In 2019, we continued to reinvent and adapt by launching our OLIKA hand sanitizer refills. 

We realized that if you’re using hand sanitizer as often as you should be, you’re tossing empty, single-use bottles left and right! In fact, only 7% of plastic waste is successfully recycled and repurposed. Refills allow our customers to finally ditch single-use plastic and continuously repurpose their original OLIKA purchase, mixing and matching their favorite colors and scents. Clean hands with a clean conscience. 

Our sustainability journey doesn’t end with our revolutionary refills- by partnering with Amyris, a leading synthetic biotechnology company that is active in the health and wellness industries, OLIKA gained access to cutting edge clean and sustainable beauty ingredients.

On a recent episode of Skincare Anarchy, a must-hear podcast for those curious about everything from the creation of skincare products to the professionals behind their inception, OLIKA’s digital expert, Kimberly Carroll, shared her thoughts on clean beauty: 

“It shouldn’t be that clean beauty is a rogue outlier that the rest of the world is quickly adopting.” - Kimberley Carroll, Digital Expert for OLIKA & Terasana

As our brand continues to evolve, transparency remains at the forefront of our brand. You’re never left wondering what’s hidden in your favorite OLIKA products, and rest assured we’re always on the lookout for ways to innovate and improve. 

Follow us on Instagram, @olikalife, to stay up to date on all things OLIKA; from new product launches to exciting new ingredients! 

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