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May 21, 2021 2 min read

Summer fun is just around the corner! Wherever the warm weather takes you, be prepared with eco-friendly summer essentials to keep you safe and sustainable:

OLIKA Gym Bag Flat Lay featuring Clip-On Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Your travel plans might look different this summer compared to last, but your sanitizing fever should stay the same. Stay armed against germs on-the-go with akeychain hand sanitizer from OLIKA. A Clip-On + Refill Starter Essentials Set will last you all season long and into the next, since OLIKA has 15x more uses than traditional gels of a similar size. 

Reusable Totes

Whether you’re beaching or road tripping, you’ll likely find yourself with your hands full. Treat yourself to a new reusable tote that can go with you from the beach to the farmers market. We love sustainable options from transparent companies like Everlane and Public Goods

Clean Sunscreen

If you’ve researched sunscreens, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the amount of information and contradicting opinions around efficiency and environmental impact. We love Cocokind’s Daily SPF for it’s lightweight, reef-safe coverage that protects against UVA and UVB rays, blue light, and pollution damage. Sunscreen is important year round, but especially in the bright summer months!

Summer Wardrobe Refresh

It’s hard to resist the urge to replace your wardrobe for each vacation or new season. If you don’t have the patience for traditional thrift shopping, try your hand at online thrifting on sites like ThredUp! You’ll likely spend the same amount of time scrolling their inventory as you would your favorite fast fashion site, and if you shop by brands you might find some of the same pieces. Plus, ThredUp’s new sustainability impact feature shows you how many gallons of water, pounds of CO2e, and kWh of energy your new piece is saving! 

How do you plan on showing mother earth some love this summer while exploring the great outdoors? Let us know on our Instagram!

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