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3 Ways to Spot a Sustainable Brand

by Local Grit LLC on Sep 12, 2021

We're here to delight you. Whether it's with our whimsical, nature-inspired sani sprays or our practices as a business, we never lose sight of that goal. It's our job to pay attention to what matters to you and then deliver it. 

We know you pay attention too. When you're shopping for a product or service, you're doing your due diligence on the company. Because you want to feel good about what you're supporting. Brands that know best will show you right up front what they're about. 

We know one thing that tops your wishlist: You're looking for products that not only make your life better but also make the planet happy. Lucky for you, that's right in line with our mission as a company. We're proud to provide you with products that go easy on Mother Nature (and on your skin, too, Luv). 

Shoppers Want Sustainability 

In a recent survey, GreenPrint, an environmental technology company, found that 78% of people are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labeled as environmentally friendly. That's great news. The survey also revealed that a large percentage of those people don't know how to find sustainable brands—and they're suspicious about claims of environmentally friendly products or practices. 

How do you know when a company is sustainable so you can put your money where your passions are? Here are three clues. 

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They back up what they're saying. When you see the words "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" connected to a brand, you might want to do a little happy dance, but first you need to dig deeper. When a company sets sustainability as a priority, they'll make it easy for you to connect the dots. For instance, if you click Why OLIKA on our homepage, you'll see loud and clear who we are and what matters to us as a company. 

Packaging speaks volumes. Single-use plastics are thumbs down. There's just no such thing as sustainability without reusability or recyclability. Companies that prioritize environmental concerns will, without a doubt, use packaging and packing materials that can be reused and/or recycled. So look for those key words and others that will clue you in, like "refillable" and "compostable."  

Partnerships and recognition are prominently displayed. You're not wrong to want a "second opinion" (or third, fourth, and so on) when it comes to verifying a company's commitment to sustainability. Look for proof of partnerships or recognition by respected agencies and nonprofits—such as logos, videos, blog posts, and press releases. These things should be easily found on a company's website. You should also be able to find evidence on packaging, inserts, and other materials. 

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