Photo: Purple dog leash with white clip on OLIKA Hand Sanitizer
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9 Unexpected Places You Need Hand Sanitizer

by Erin Fabio on Apr 12, 2021

Photo: Purple dog leash with white clip on OLIKA Hand Sanitizer

Take a minute to think about all the places your hands go each day: grab keys, doorknob, dog walk, steering wheel, phone, doorknob, kid’s hands, phone, doorknob, bathroom, doorknob, phone — kind of scary, right? The opportunities for germs to squeeze in is pretty wide, which is the main reason that hand sanitizer belongs everywhere.

At OLIKA, we’re big fans of stashing cute hand sanitizer anywhere it can fit: work bags, backpacks, diaper bags and purses are the obvious candidates, since we take them on the go and they stay with us as our hands touch door knobs, phones, and public surfaces. However, there are a few key places we’ve found OLIKA hand sanitizer spray comes in extra handy. Here are our favorite places for stashing OLIKA — for when you fancy a spritz.

Our favorite places to stash OLIKA Spray:
Our OLIKA Spray is the one that started it all — chic, ergonomic, soft-touch, and filled with 500+ mists of delightful germ-slaying goodness.

  • In your coat pockets: There’s nothing worse than running out for something quick — to get the mail, go for a walk, etc. — and being caught unawares without your trusty moisturizing hand sanitizer. We’re not always totally prepared when duty calls, so do future-you a favor and stash some hand sani into your raincoat, housecoat, and more. You know that big winter coat with endless hidden pockets? Perfect place for natural hand sanitizer — don’t get caught without it.
  • Laundry room, mud room, somewhere you can reach the moment you enter your home: Stop germs from entering your home altogether by sanitizing the moment you walk into your door. You wouldn’t perform surgery without scrubbing in, right? Same goes for coming into the house from outside — who knows what you (and your kids!) could have picked up while you were out, luv.
  • In your stroller: Picture it: toddlers, sandbox, swings, coughs, sneezes, little tykes wiping their mitts who-knows-where — this situation definitely calls for strong hand sanitizer. Spritz your tot’s hands before heading home from the playground, make sure their playtime doesn’t track back germs.

Our favorite places to hook OLIKA Clip-On: 
OLIKA Clip-On easily attaches, so you never have to think about where your travel hand sanitizer might’ve gone to.

  • Your house keys and car keys: Conveniently hook OLIKA Clip-On to your house keys, car keys, or both! This ensures your essential oil hand sanitizer is on you at all times. No second-guessing on where you left it last or where OLIKA has gone to — it’ll always be right where you are, at the ready, keeping you safe, sanitized and moisturized.
  • Your bike or scooter: If you regularly bike, cycle, or scoot around your town, stash your OLIKA Clip-On on your bike, your kids’ bikes, in your bike’s zip-pack, or on your scooter for quick sanitizing on-the-go.
  • Your dog leash: There’s nothing that makes you crave non-toxic hand sanitizer more than cleaning up after your pup — extremely necessary sanitizing for when stuff gets real. Sanitize immediately after you bag up and wash the whole untidy experience away with OLIKA’s moisturizing, gently scented hand sanitizer with aloe. Our favorite scents for this particular errand are Mint Citrus and Orange Blossom — infused with natural essential oils, these fresh, minty and fruit scents will make you forget the whole messy errand.
  • In your gym bag: If you do any sort of studio fitness or free weights (or really go to any gym, ever), you’re definitely going to want easily accessible hand sanitizer spray. Sure, most places have wipes, but you can’t be too careful! Sanitize after you leave the gym but before you touch your car — make sure you don’t track any gym-germs home with you.

The best places to stash your OLIKA Refill:
OLIKA Refill is the workhorse of the bunch — with TSA-friendly 3oz of sanitizer to power your OLIKA Spray  and OLIKA Clip-On , with 1500+ mists per package.

  • Your favorite suitcase: You never know where you’ll be when you need to re-up on your best hand sanitizer! The best thing about the sizes of the OLIKA collection (aside from how convenient they are) is that they are all TSA-approved, so you can travel with the whole family and sanitize along the way.
  • In your car: If you’re like us — sanitizing multiple times per day, every day — you want to make sure you always have some at the ready. Stash an OLIKA Refill in your car so you can keep your OLIKA Mist and OLIKA Clip-On ready to mist and sanitize.

There are the obvious places to stash your hand sani, and then the not-so-obvious places — make sure you’re never caught off guard.