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Child using lavender OLIKA spray hand sanitizer
Clean wellnessCOVID-19Ingredients & Fragrance Kind Sanitizer for Curious Kids: No Ickies Ever, Why Ingredients Matter
Reading product labels and scrutinizing ingredients has always been important in our book, especially when it comes to...
Erin Fabio
Two children exchanging OLIKA hand sanitizer
Clean wellnessCOVID-19Ingredients & Fragrance Ingredient Spotlight: Bitrex
At OLIKA, we pride ourselves in our hand-picked, perfected ingredients. We took the time to research endless combinations...
Erin Fabio
Woman in an orange shirt sitting on a couch surrounded in tissues
Clean wellnessCOVID-19 Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Flu Germs?
Experts say the best protection against the flu is vaccination, but we still need to be hyper-vigilant in...
Erin Fabio
Hand holding small bottle of clear liquid against a white wall
Clean wellnessCOVID-19Ingredients & FragranceSustainable living Why Homemade Hand Sanitizer is Not Safe
In 2020, fractured supply chains left many people scouring their cabinets for ingredients to make homemade hand sanitizer....
Erin Fabio
Mother and daughter smiling at each other against a pink background
Clean wellnessCOVID-19Take 5: Tips & Tricks Take 5: How to Keep Your Kids Clean, Healthy & Germ-Free This Winter
Flu season is upon us (during a pandemic nonetheless!), and now is not the time to let your...
Erin Fabio